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About Us.

This site is supposed to be dedicated to my favorite FF8 character. But since there seems to be not a lot of visitors and the added web space, I added more stuff such as Carbuncle, Zidane and the WebMitress shrines as well. I even added another site page based on my other favorite RPG, CastleVania: Symphony of the Night.

Why Galbadia Garden?

Galbadia Garden is the name of the academy which Irvine attends and the Balamb cadets first meeting with their "hired gunslinger". This academy almost went on the brink of bringing a war when the matron, Sorceress Edea, became possessed by the demon sorceress, Ultimicia. There seems to be a connected with Irvine and the matron, yet the question about them being relatives or allies leaves to be unanswered.

About this Site.
Our site offers the combination of past and present web pages to notify even thou we may look new, we are still old in the process.

We tend to be serious with our work. If any problems with any of our pages, please contact the WebMitress right away.